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Zerodha Vs Upstox - Which demat account is best in india (Updated In Dec 2022)

To invest or trade in the stock market, you need a basic requirement, which is a Demat account. There are many authorized brokers in India where you can open your Demat account. But in this article, we will give you complete information about the top brokerage companies in India Zerodha and Upstox. In this article, we will tell you which is the Best Demat and Trading Account?

Apart from this, we will tell you about the Demat account opening charges, brokerage charges, annual maintenance fee (AMC) of Upstox and Zerodha. Apart from this, we have also covered for you the hidden charges of Zerodha and Upstox, which most people are not aware of.

Best Demat Account In India 2022?

Upstox Vs Zerodha, Which is the best demat account in india 2022 ? Well, This is a million-dollar question nowadays because during the pandemic a lot of people want to start investing and trading in the stock market, but they have no idea where to open Demat account and how to open a Demat account? So, Let’s Start With India’s no.1 Brokerage Company Zerodha, and then we also talk about Upstox, which is the fastest growing broker in India.

Comparison Between Zerodha And Upstox

Charges Zerodha Upstox
Account Opening Fees Online: ₹200
Offline: ₹400
Brokerage Charges Intraday: 0.3% and ₹20 (Which ever is lower)
Delivery: ₹0 (Free)
Intraday: ₹20
Delivery: ₹0 (Free)
AMC ₹354 Incl. GST ₹354 Incl. GST
Other Charges
DP Charges ₹13.5 + 18% GST ₹18.5 + 18% GST
STT 0.1% on Delivery (On Buy & Sell)
0.025% on Intrady (On Selling)
0.1% on Delivery (On Buy & Sell)
0.025% on Intrady (On Selling)
SEBI Turnover Charges ₹10 / Crore ₹5 / Crore
Charges that people don't know
Exchange Transaction Charges 0.00345% + 18% GST 0.00345% + 18% GST
Stamp Duty Charges 0.005% on average, But charges may vary from state to state 0.005% on average, But charges may vary from state to state
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Open Your Demat Acc. Open Acc. With Zerodha Open Acc. With Upstox
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#1 Zerodha: Best stock broker in India

First of all let's talk about Zerodha. Zerodha Broking Limited was established in 2010, founded by Nithin Kamath & Nikhil Kamath. It is an Indian company that offers services such as trading and investing in the stock market, trading of currencies and commodities, mutual funds and bonds. Talking about the active users of Zerodha, the number of active users of Zerodha has increased by 105% in the last 8 years. In 2013, where Zerodha had just over 17500 active users, in 2021 their number has increased to more than 27 lakhs. Here let us make it clear that active users are considered those who have traded at least once in 1 year.

Zerodha Account Opening Fees

Zerodha Demat account opening charges: If you want to open an online Demat account in Zerodha, then you will have to pay Rs.200 for it. And on the other hand, if you use the offline method, then you will have to pay Rs. 400 for it but you will have to get involved in a lot of paperwork in it. Let us make it clear. apart from your account opening fee, you will also have to pay annual maintenance (AMC), which is very less than full service brokers.

Zerodha Brokerage Charges

Zerodha's brokerage charges are based on intraday and delivery. Here intraday means that if you buy and sell any stocks on the same day then it is called intraday and if you hold any stocks for more than one day then it is called delivery. So in both these cases the charges seem to be different.

Zerodha is a discount broker so you do not have to pay any charges if you hold the stock for more than a day. Yes, Zerodha Provides You Free Brokerage. And on the other hand, if you do intraday trading then Zerodha charges only 0.3% and Rs. 20 (Which ever is lower). Suppose that even if you are transacting stocks in bulk, you will have to pay a maximum of Rs. 20 only.

Zerodha Amc Charges (Annual Maintenance Charges of Zerodha)

Talking about Zerodha's Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC), since Zerodha is a discount broker, you have to pay only Rs.354 (18% GST Incl.) as AMC. This fee is 70 to 80 percent lower than that of full service brokers. To open an Demat account with Zerodha, you have to pay Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC), along with the opening fee.

DP Charges In Zerodha

The DP Charges in Zerodha is Rs 13.5 + 18% GST. In which a fee of Rs. 5.5 is levied by CDSL and Rs. 8 is charged by Zerodha. Here are some important things to note that we are telling you, DP charges are the charges levied while selling stocks. DP charges are levied by CDSL and the broker. It is a flat fee, i.e. whether you sell 1 stock or in bulk quantity, you have to pay DP Charges on every sale transaction. Another important thing to note is that DP Charges are applicable on equity delivery only.

SEBI Turnover Charges In Zerodha

Talking about SEBI Charges, it is only 0.0001% and SEBI Charges are applicable on both buying and selling. Suppose you are doing transaction of Rs. 1 crore (buying & selling both), then you have to pay Rs. 10 as SEBI charges for that.

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#2 Upstox: Best Trading Broker In India

Upstox is one of the Best Demat and Trading Account in India and one of the best online trading platform. Upstox offers you lowest brokerage Demat account. The cost-effective brokerage plans of Upstox make it different from all other brokers. Even though Upstox is the second largest broker in India today, Upstox has gained momentum in the last 7 years and especially in the last 3 years, no one will stop it from becoming the number one. And why not become the number one, the company that has been funded by giants like Tiger Global and Ratan Tata is 100% sure to grow. Upstox is also the best demat account for beginners. Because buying and selling shares on Upstox is easier than online shopping.

If we talk about the use of technology in Upstox, then it's quite advanced. The technical glitches or problems that sometimes come up while trading, you will rarely see in Upstox. We are not saying that there cannot be any problem with Upstox, yes it is that you have to face less technical problems in it. Maybe that's why Upstox is one of the top stock broker and best online trading platforms.

Upstox Account Opening Charges (Updated in Dec 2022)

Upstox offers you Free Demat Account. Yes, you read that right, you can open free demat account with Upstox. You don't have to pay even a single rupee as opening fee. Upstox has been offering free demat and trading account to the users for a long time now. Today when we are writing this article, today it is free, no one can say how long it will be free. So if you are a beginner or are thinking of opening a new demat account then there is no better option for you than Upstox.

Upstox Brokerage Charges (Lowest Brokerage Charges)

Upstox is quite famous for lowest brokerage Upstox looks to take on Zerodha in the top brokers with lowest brokerage fees. Upstox's intraday brokerage fee is 0.05% and Rs.20 as compared to Zerodha's 0.03% and Rs.20 (Which ever is lower) , which is not much of a difference. And the equity delivery brokerage of Upstox is absolutely free i.e. if you hold stocks for more than a day then you will not have to pay brokerage charges.

Upstox AMC Charges (Annual Maintenance Charges of Upstox)

Now let's talk about AMC of Upstox. Upstox AMC charges are also very less like Zerodha, you have to pay only Rs.354 (18% GST Incl.) annually for this. Which is very less as compared to full service brokers. So if you want to increase your money by trading or investing then online trading platform like Upstox is going to be the best for you.

DP Charges In Upstox

Upstox DP Charges is Rs 13 + 18% GST. Apart from this, Rs 5.5 + 18% GST of CDSL will also be charged. Overall you have to pay Rs 18.5 + 18% as DP Charges. It is a fix charges, i.e. Whether you sell thousands and millions of shares together and even if you sell 1 share, you have to pay a fixed amount of charges as DP charges. And you will not incur these charges during intraday trading, it will be applicable only while selling equity delivery.

STT charges in Upstox

STT (Securities Transaction Tax) is a type of tax which is paid by the investors and traders to the central government. STT charges are same across all brokers. Here also you have to pay 0.1% charges for both buying and selling equity delivery and 0.25% for intraday trading only when selling.

SEBI Turnover Charges In Upstox

In Upstox, SEBI turnover charges are lower than Zerodha. In zerodha, where you have to pay Rs 10 for a transaction of 1 crore, on Upstox you have to pay SEBI turnover charges only Rs 5 for 1 crore.

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Other charges that applicable on all investors

Apart from all these charges, there are two other types of charges that investors and traders have to pay. Whether you open your account with any bank or discount broker, you have to pay these charges.

1. Exchange Transaction Charges: Now we all know that there are 2 stock exchanges in India, NSE, and BSE. You have to pay 0.00345% + 18% GST charges when you trade on any exchange like NSE or BSE. These charges are the same for both intraday and delivery. Zerodha and Upstox, in whichever you open your Demat account, then you will have to pay exchange transaction charges. Apart from this, even if you open your account with any other broker, you will also be charged the same charges.

2.Stamp Duty Charges On Shares: While buying shares, we have to pay SDRT (Stamp Duty Reserve Tax) which is 0.005% on average. Stamp duty charges may vary from state to state. Stamp duty charges are not levied while selling shares.